Sexual harassment at McDonald's, Jamie's hypocrisy, & taking the weekend off

Nice Pear: a weekly(ish) feminist foodletter | Issue #004 | 09 August 2020


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I’m afraid don’t have an essay for you this week.

Full transparency: I’m coming off my antidepressants (for reasons, and supervised by my GP) and honestly, my mental health hasn’t been great.

I’m not in the right frame of mind to produce an interesting, well-researched essay today. I’m okay, but I needed to prioritise self-care this weekend. 

I’m sharing my usual links below, but then I’m logging off and gathering my thoughts to give you my best work in the next issue of Nice Pear.

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Things to read this week

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Things to eat this week

Honestly, my mental health has been getting the better of me in the kitchen and I have mostly been eating pasta and pesto this week. Instead, take some of the recipes I’ve made before and loved (and hope to work up the energy to make again soon):

Where to find me this week

Once again, I haven’t actually published anything new (my brain is still mush), but as always, you can find me @ZoePickburn on Twiter, Insta, TikTok and other social media.



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