Nice Pear!

A weekly(ish) feminist foodletter | Issue #000 | 30 June 2020

Why I’m (re)starting a newsletter

It gives me a space to explore the kind of food writing I want to do. I hope to bridge the gap between the topics I write about on my blog (vegan recipes and local restaurant guides) and the topics I want to report on as a journalist (wider issues and inequalities in the food industry).

About the name

Nice because it's nice to be nice.

Pear is obviously a vegan food (also, avocados are pears and I'm all about that avocado life). 

The phrase ‘nice pair’ is reminiscent of the comments I would hear a lot in my late teens and early 20s, and particularly as a woman in the food sector. The idea is to reclaim the misogyny of 'jokes' like that.

The whole vibe I'm going for is like, a feminist vegan dinner party in your inbox.

I care about: 

  • Championing Northern restaurants

  • Food produced by women, BIPOC and other historically marginalised communities

  • Ethical food supply chains

  • Issues affecting hospitality workers and independent food businesses

  • Particularly issues that disproportionately affect the people who tend marginalised in the hospitality sector and in food media

  • Food equality and ending food poverty

  • Veganism as a political and environmental movement

  • Dismantling the patriarchy

  • Really good cake

The Foodletter format

In the weekly(ish) Nice Pear newsletter, you’ll find:

  1. A short essay of my own writing. A newsletter is more intimate than a blog post; more personal than an article.

  2. Links to the articles, books, podcasts, shows, etc. I’ve consumed (procrastinated with) in the past week or so

  3. Links to the recipes or inspiration for the tastiest things that have come out of my kitchen in the past week

  4. Some shameless self-promotion of anything I’ve written or been involved in recently

  5. I'll be honest, I might even try to sell you stuff from time to time (but only if I genuinely believe it's something you'll like)

If you get sick of the newsletter, you can unsubscribe any time - no hard feelings.


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